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This event has now concluded.
The audio recordings can be found here.
Please use passcode: L?EQ3GB7

Patsy Cameneti - 10am

Patsy and her husband Tony are the directors of Rhema Australia and Rhema Bible training centre Papua New Guinea, they have many outreaches including a children's orphanage.

Patsy is a seasoned prayer and an accomplished author. 





Wendy Preston (Host) - 11am

Wendy pastors Faith Alive Church Aylesbury (U.K.). She is hosting this conference in response to what John G Lake saw when he was permitted to see the time we now live in. Gathering voices together to usher in Kingdom strategies into the lives of believers for this season.



Cathy Creek -12pm


Cathy is an itinerant minister based in Tulsa USA, with a global heart in prayer. She has established prayer groups and served as prayer coordinator for Rhema bible church and is also President of Creek Ministries.





Pastor Paul  Brady - 1pm

Paul pastors Millennial church Tulsa, USA.

He has a heart for prayer and creating a movement of prayer worldwide in preparation for coming for the Lord.



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