The Journey is a simple course intended to help the believer to live their life to the fullest!  We know God has a plan for our lives, but sometimes certain things happen and it seems we are blown off course.  What do we do in these challenging days?

This course is a simple way to understand how to navigate through life "in Christ", knowing that Jesus is with you through the storms of life; not just with you, but leading us through every given situation.  This will help you to navigate through life with Christ, so that you will be ready for every eventuality.

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Some of the topics included are:

  • How do we pray?

  • How do we know the Holy Spirit operates in our lives?

  • What do you do when the goal posts have moved?

  • How do you know the difference between following your heart and your head?

  • Is it just me?

The Journey is a written study guide for you to take your time and make notes in as you move through the chapters at your own pace.  Once you have your copy, you can view the accompanying videos below to hear from the author on each of the topics.

Chapter 1
In the beginning
Chapter 2
Hanging out at the riverside
Chapter 3
Open spaces
Chapter 4
Feeling like a giant
Chapter 5
Who moved the goalpost?
Chapter 6
Going for Gold
Chapter 7
Who was it you said I was?
Chapter 8
What's in a job title?
Chapter 9
Reverence the King
Chapter 10
Be watching
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